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How to Look Sexy in a Backless Gown

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Summer is here, and that means it’s time for backless fashion. Whether you prefer to rock a demure halter top or a deep plunging backless dress, the fashions in this cluster are sure to inspire you.

Judging by recent celebrity sightings, backless evening dresses are the big fashion trend of the moment. If you have the body for it, a backless evening gowns can create a subtly sexy yet elegant elegant look for your next evening function. Need some guidance on how to wear these revealing prom dresses? Here are some tips that’ll help you make the best impression, there are a few things that should be remembered.

Keep everything else simple.
Backless evening gowns dramatic, statement making pieces in their own right. Keep the rest of your outfit simple to avoid looking overdone. Skip the dramatic jewelry and wear a simple, elegant pair of earrings. Carefully chosen earrings are all that’s usually needed with a backless dress.

Consider your breasts.
When you wear a backless dress, you won’t be able to wear a conventional bra. Although you could go braless, this may not create a good impression if you’re larger than an A cup. To find a bra that works for a backless outfit, do a Google search for “backless bras” and discover the many options available to you.

Is your back one of your better features?
If you have “love handles” or carry excess fat on your back, rethink the idea of wearing a backless evening dress. Why show your back if it’s not one of your better features? If you’ve spent time at the health club, strength training and toning those back muscles, a backless dress can be the perfect way to show the fruits of your labor. If you haven’t picked up a weight or resistance band in the last six months, rethink the idea of a backless dress.

Make sure your back is ready to be exposed.
If you plan on wearing a backless dress, your back should be smooth and unblemished. If you have a tendency towards acne that involves the back, a backless gown is probably not the best choice for your next evening event. Give your back some extra care several weeks before you plan on wearing a backless dress out in public. Exfoliate flaky, dead skin cells using a loofah and apply a light moisture cream. Remember when you’re wearing a backless gown, your backside is just as important as the front.

Watch your posture.
When you’re wearing a backless dress, hold your head and shoulders up high. Stooped posture can ruin the look of even the prettiest backless dress.

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