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Get ready for the prom party 2013

The prom season is coming, with your prom just around the corner. There is no time like the present to start planning your makeup for the big day. We girls pre-plan our dress, shoes and hair weeks (even months) in advance. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to plan your makeup, too. You’ll be thankful for all of your planning when you see your glam self looking all superb in your prom pictures!

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Prom dress 2013

It is a sultry dress that will make you feel classy and stylish at the same time. A magnificent evening gown with a one shoulder design featuring a beaded single strap that cascades across the slim fitting ruched surplice bodice to the waist. The chiffon material creates a flowy vibe that looks gorgeous when you walk!

prom dresses  2013 uk

Low V-neck A-Line Long Formal Dress DPCB042

Beaded Sweetheart Neck Soft Princess Dress DPPD762

pink plus size prom dresses

Pink Strapless Sweetheart Prom Dresses DPPD1595

Nude Strapless Beaded Chiffon Gown DPPD1628

Prom hairstyle

How about to make a cute bow style to go to a prom party? Make it by yourself!

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Face Tips

Start exfoliating your skin at least 2 times a week to remove the dead skin cells leaving a smooth clean base. Test out makeup looks at least a week before and photograph yourself to see if the makeup is photo friendly. If you are applying fake tan on yourself, practice first and start applying layers a week before to create a natural finish.


Here is one of our customer review to share with her make-up & prom dress tips, maybe it is helpful for you to pick up you own 2013 prom dress style!


Prom Night Dress—Be Limelight

Dressespro Recommend:

 Gorgeous One Shoulder Lace-up Back Gown width=

Gorgeous One Shoulder Lace-up Back Gown DPPD558

 One Shoulder Beaded Long Prom Dress

One Shoulder Beaded Long Prom Dress DPPD1028


Strapless Embroidered Long Prom Dress DPPD1027

Prom night is usually a quite special occasion in every single teenager’s life. In this particular occasion, the teenagers come towards the social gathering wearing their best outfits, makeup and hairstyles to build an impact on other people. They wait for this moment so long that when it comes, they put all their efforts to appear their finest and flaunt among mates.

Girls, generally go for shopping for their prom dresses and opt for the top 1 which makes them look outstanding and inside their budget. You’ll find a lot of varieties readily available to select from concerning prom dresses. Nonetheless, ranges differ from every other depending on its design and style.

In situation you aren’t able to manage sufficient time to go for shopping for your attire, then go to some on-line prom dress stores that will offer you with newest fashion and also the price tag of the gowns. You’ll discover that not each and every prom dress is costly and there are some low cost prom night dresses also offered that will suite your taste and also the price.

Beside attire, so as to improve their start looking, the teenagers also go to your hairstylists and do their favorite hairstyle only for the situation of Prom afternoon. Heading for prom hairstyles is more amongst the women than the boys. Though you’ll find lots of prom hairstyles accessible for ladies, but taking into consideration the face shape prior to heading for any prom hairstyle is really a actually great idea of getting the most effective probable look.

The prom nights are typically theme based get together where the students decide a theme and then organize the celebration. Prom nights are quite crucial occasion for the youngsters, as it really is last school occasion with all their nearest and dearest pals. They sing, dance and even take participation in a variety of activities for the duration of prom nights.

Some teenage ladies, to be able to attend the prom afternoon celebration and look outstanding in it, go to designer wears that is of course pricey than normal store gowns. Moreover, so as to build a unique prom night dress, it is possible to use your imagination and create a gorgeous prom evening gown for you. And there are several stylish and low cost prom dresses obtainable online.

In situation you don’t have the time to do so, ask a prom dress manufacturer to help you in this regard. To be able to start looking stunning for the duration of your prom night the most crucial thing is that your prom afternoon gown ought to complement your total start looking along together with your hairstyle.

long prom dress/evening dress

halter neck or sweetheart neck plicated long prom dress/evening dress

Choosing the Right Prom Hairstyle

To choose your right which would suit your prom dress is also a nightmare! You should know you won’t outshine even if you are wearing a very stylish prom dress but with unsuitable hairstyles, whether it is a hairdo or an updo of the original style. And you can never look charming enough, if you end up coming with a much worn out hairstyle to the party. You should try to take a look at the tips below, maybe can help.

Know and select which dress you would be wearing before you chose a hairstyle. If you are going for the Venus cut dress, you can softly curl your hair on the lower part and apply a bit of the hair styling creaming, sufficient enough to hold back your curls through out the evening.Something like this.Black Taffeta Bubble Prom Dress

Secondly, consider the shape of your face. Curled hair go great with heart shaped faces. Do not straighten your hair, especially if you have a triangular face, and when you are wearing a dress which would bare your shoulders. If you have a round shaped face, then you can choose from a variety of hairstyles, especially the soft curled bangs. They would help to add more volume to your hair as the pass near your ears. It helps to give a balanced shape to your face.

Another good idea for this is paying attention to your local beauty saloon just a few weeks before your prom night if you are confused about how you should exactly style your hair, you can also get hair extensions, which would help develop fuller hair, which would make it easy to style them. Your hair style would also influence your make up, so therefore go for the right one.

Choosing a right hairstyle which would go along with your personality and your prom dresses is crucial if you really want to outshine the others at your prom night. Obviously, you need to spend some time to deal with it. Right hairstyles can really complement your appearance, and look elegant and glamorous in your prom night.

One Of Latest Prom Dress Styles-Ruffled Prom Dresses

Ruffles are known as one of the most feminine detailing so far that is put to use to add ultra feminine drama to any women wear. In fact it has continued to be the integral element of some leading fashion designer’s collection dresses. For instance Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta’s array can be better looked at to better get the idea of our indication.

So carry on with the feature to know more about one of 2010 prom dresses trends. As a matter of fact there are various latest prom dress styles that range from the 2010 backless prom dresses to short prom dresses. Irrespective of the hemline you go for 2010 prom attire is all adorned with ruffles. Prom dresses with ruffles further come in a wide variety of size, colors and placement locations. Starting with the size the detailing that used to be of very miniature size has really grown in size thereby becoming more conspicuous and attention calling.

If you wish to go for the ruffled prom dresses then you better keep prom dress accessories to minimum. The reason being is that the dress by virtue of its loud detailing is loud enough to get attention from all the corners of the party. Therefore you are further advised to consider the simple prom hairstyles without any use of brilliant and striking accessories. The jewelry too must be very simple yet stunning in look that needs to be deliberated at.

But in case you are an athletic figure girl then better consider the prom dress with asymmetrical ruffles detailing running from bust to the hemline. It will help in you looking like hourglass woman that you always aspired to. The key to mesmeric looks in the prom dresses with ruffles lies in the right fitting that goes a long way in adding femininity to your countenance rather than just making you look like enveloped with ruffles.

Coming to our hot picks in the same dernier cri ruffled prom dresses.

Ghetto Prom Dresses

Dressespro Recommend:

 Sexy Beaded Long Chiffon Gown width=

A Sexy Beaded Long Chiffon Gown DPPD311

 Sexy Cut Backless Long Prom Dress

Sexy Blue One Shoulder Prom Dress DPPD1566


Low V-neck Sexy Sweep Train Dress DPPD310

Ghetto depicts the portion of society where the minority groups live. The section is created due to social, economic and legal pressure. Despite these socio economic problems, they have their own culture, rituals and ceremonies. Cultural or ethnic groups dwell in high concentration in ghettos. Their prom costumes have unique styles and multicolored accessories and makeup as a part of their prom get up. Here you come to know about ghetto prom dresses.

Ghetto Prom Fashion

Ghetto has inspired and created some of the most fashionable prom dresses. It’s an accepted fact that not many know about ghetto people because they hardly come out of their ghetto. But on the night of prom they create a heaven’s difference with gorgeous apparel and flashy outfits. You might also like to read about affordable prom dresses.

They have different thoughts about outfits. While some are extremely cautious about their outfits, few try out odd fashion to be on the limelight. But each of them wants to try out unique ghetto prom dresses. The prom night with multi-variety outfits becomes a place to enjoy themselves amongst the ghetto community. Find out more information on fashion clothing.

Ghetto Prom Outfits

Males and females dress up differently on prom night. Sometimes couples complement each other with same color and same cut. Females usually wear strange cut gowns and males deck up in trousers and jackets. They choose flashy colors for their outfits on prom night. Check out few of the dress patterns for both males and females.

Ghetto Prom Gowns

Ghetto gowns are designed with unique cuts. They can run off the shoulder with a deep cut extending from the thigh. The gowns hang from the waist while it’s stitched tight up to the waist. Their dresses are tailored in a way to expose their back, waist and thighs with subtlety. Bright red, pink, green, blue, fluorescent shades are their favorite colors. Satin or silken gown are common ghetto prom dresses. Golden and silver outfits are also very popular in prom. Females sometimes wrap a cloak around themselves.

Ghetto Prom Skirts

Short skirts exposing their thigh and knee is popular prom outfit for the young generations. The skirts are printed or simple. They can hang loose or fit tight with their body. Blouses are fancy with buttons either in the front or back. Skirts are often laced and many decorated with bright materials. Checkered skirts or frilled skirts are very popular. Tight skirts are also sometimes worn by men. They even dress up very oddly to gain attraction on prom night. Know more about prom dress patterns.

Ghetto Prom Dress for Male

Prom dresses for males include trousers, cloak, jacket, breeches and sleeved tunics. They often design their clothes of the same color as their partner. Males sometimes dress up in loose trousers or sometimes straight feet. They wear silken cloak and groom themselves well. Broad belts with tartan are also a part of their outfit. Their jackets and trousers have bright designs and colorful embellishments. Tuxedo with silken neck tie is their favorite prom night outfit. Flashy tunics are also preferred by them on prom night.

Ghetto Accessories

The prom attire is incomplete with accessories. They wear a wide range of fancy accessories. Their accessories are mostly wooden or iron. They are fashionable and traditional as well. It includes necklaces, wrist bands, big earrings, ankle rings and also finger rings. They design their hair with colorful pin and roll braid or plates. They even wear fancy crown and ghetto tattoos. Colorful footwear and purses are their favorite. Males also wear heavy wristbands, watches and finger rings. Read more about African American prom hairstyles.

That was an overview on ghetto prom dresses. Ghetto outfits are famous for mix match colors, odd cuts and garish designs. Above all, they are ethnic and traditional.