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Sundresses: The New Summer You

Sundresses are a perennial favorite of many women. And the most popular designers would agree and they will tell you from experience that the best summer staple for a cool, attractive and yet comfortable look are sundresses.

Women are not the only lovers of this particular style. Many men believe that sundresses are one of the sexiest looks on women. Based on the numbers in the Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor TM. The survey showed that the largest segment of men, 43% in all, prefer women in a sundress over denim jeans and a shirt (26%) or even an elegant dinner dress (28%).

So basically, according to the statistics this new revolution individual women’s summer attire is amazing, go out in style for much less cost to you if men prefer the sundress to cocktail dresses!

So men vote for sundresses because of their attractive appeal, and the women and sundress designers also know the practical side of them. Rebecca Taylor, one of the most popular new names in the contemporary category of women’s clothing, is already selling out of her cotton summer sundresses. These include the apron look, embroidered bias cut slips, as well as full-skirted numbers in pastel cotton twills and more. Cotton is also very modest because it lets your body breathe and yet it is still a very sexy look. In the city, it is very common to see women wear these dresses, even to work.

Designer Nanet Lepore agrees. She says: “sundresses are so easy to put on in the summer. They can go from the beach to dinner with just a change of shoes, and with a little cardigan they can go to work.” Her top sellers this summer are cotton madras sundress look for day and a more dressed-up cotton jacquard dresses with a matching jacket for evening. The appeal of the sundress spans the decades. Women of all ages can wear them—from younger girls to older women.

Pack your sundresses to go on a weekend trip, or wear a nice sundress for a picnic etc.—you will not feel overdressed and you will look wonderful. Not only that, there are many luxurious places you can wear a good sundress, and you will look and feel perfectly appropriate for the occasion. More designers are realizing that consumers seek out versatile clothes- clothes like spring and summer sundresses.

Esprit De Corp. was founded in the early 1970’s solely on the little cotton summer sundress, says design director Marcus Brown. Customers always expect the summer sundresses style – one of their most popular styles is an ethnic-inspired batik print summer sundress. Many women look for things that have longevity and versatility, and summer sundresses are an inexpensive option. To freshen up your wardrobe without making a huge investment, sundresses are fun to wear.