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Medieval Princess Costume Ideas

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Many women and girls enjoy dressing in medieval-princess costumes because the outfits are ultra feminine and usually elaborate. Plus, they make a lot of women feel pretty. As a result, medieval-princess prom dresses are very popular for Halloween, Renaissance fairs and medieval-times events. While you can purchase these costumes, they may be expensive. If you go the homemade route, you’ll still have to purchase some pieces but your overall expenses will be less. Homemade costumes also give you the chance to customize.

Prom Dress Princess

Many young women have old prom dresses in their closets that they can refit into princess costumes. Avoid neon colors and pastels; medieval women often wore deep jewel tones. You also want an ankle-length skirt and a covered back. Satiny materials look the most authentic. If you don’t have a prom dress, many department stores put their prom dresses on clearance in the summer and some secondhand stores carry donated prom dresses. They can go as low as $10.

You can leave your arms bare for a Disney princess look or get some sheer lawn or tulle that matches your dress. Sew it into two tubes with elastic at one end and slide them up your arms for faux sleeves. Twist two colors of thick craft wire together for a crown and set it on top of curled hair. Wear ballet slippers to complete the look.
Flame Princess Prom Gown

T-Shirt Princess

This costume works best for little girls. Find a long-sleeve T-shirt and cut any gathered cuffs from the sleeves and hem. You can let the fabric curl up slightly after it’s cut or hem it down. Add some lace to the sleeves, hem and collar. Gather the shirt at your child’s waist so the bottom flares out a bit. Cover the gathers with a sparkly belt, a sash or satin cord. Decorate the shirt with glitter paint, sequins and small silk flowers. Bend a garland of silk flowers or metallic stars into a crown and complete the outfit with ballet slippers or sparkly sandals. Help your child pick patterned tights that match her unique prom dresses.T-Shirt Princess Dress

Tie Dye Princess

This costume idea works well for adults and children. Pick a long skirt from your closet and get some iridescent sheer fabric. Choose a skirt made of flowing material, like jersey. Cut a circle from your iridescent material with a radius as long as your skirt. For instance, if your skirt is four feet long, your iridescent circle should be eight feet wide. Cut a hole in the center of the circle for your waist and gather the edges lightly to give the fabric texture when you move.

Sew the sheer fabric to your skirt. Use a very tight tank top or T-shirt for a vest, cutting the sleeves from a T-shirt and creating a V-neck. For a brightly colored or white shirt, dye it dark blue, purple or red tie-dye with no ties. Dye a large, long-sleeved T-shirt a lighter color and cut cuffs from the sleeves. Sew elastic inside the sleeves around the biceps to make them puffy. Curl your hair and wear some rhinestone jewelry. Tie a scarf around your waist to cover pleats and hems.

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Talking About Classic——Think About Medieval Prom Dresses

Its prom night and you are asked to a prom so it is a busiest time in life for a teenager. Prom night depicts fun laughter dancing and the best party ever in high school. Now the most important part is the prom dress. There are so many varieties in prom dresses like, medieval prom dresses, Victorian, gothic, fairy tale or renaissance. So to be the “belle of the ball” you have to get busy and look for a stunning prom dress. The medieval prom dress look stands out in all times.

Medieval times express richness and vanity and also reflect the social status of people of those times. Medieval prom dresses have been in fashion and come in lot of styles. When we talk of the medieval look we talk of a period and an era, which has gone by and has brought a lot of richness. Those days’ men dressed up in heavy gowns till the knees with long sleeves that could almost touch the ground. Ladies wore long gowns till the ankle.

Medieval prom dresses have a classic color choice, which was black. Other colors like red, maroon, purple, and burgundy and at times blue also could be used. These dresses have a flowing look with long sleeves and corsets.
A prince or a princess-medieval-prom-dress look needs to be very lavish, dark in colors and rich in embroidery. These kinds of dresses have lots of attachments in various materials on them. Motifs, patches, belts etc are also used. In the case of dresses worn by merchants and traders there are tunics and simple cloaks worn over them by the men folk. Linen shirts and decorated gowns can be worn for a medieval prom dress royal look.
For common people medieval dresses were not as flashy and colorful. The sewing patterns of medieval prom dresses are put up by the designers in formal gowns and make different and unique personalized style dresses.

Medieval prom dresses consist of a tight corset, which is laced many times and tied at the back. Sleeves are optional and one can go for spaghetti cords that are little broad or for long flowing sleeves under the elbow. Waist below flowing cloth can be used in layers to give a medieval look. You can have Victorian necklines to make it dressier.

Dark colors like red and burgundy and of course black are mostly the favorites in medieval prom dress. The material used can be satin, velvet or chiffon. Ribbons and laces can be used to adorn the dress. Different kinds of jewelry can be used to accentuate the medieval prom dresses look. Hairstyles need to be different to create that look so use wires and ribbons in the hair. Men folk can wear wigs to be completely medieval.

Prom fashions come and go as years come and go. They change by the seasons and new style icons are created every year. The medieval prom dresses stand out whenever they are worn by teenagers for the prom night. So go for the medieval prom dresses this prom and look different.